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“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”
Matthew 5:16

Did you ever notice how we tend to “take on” that to which we expose ourselves?

I am specifically thinking of sunbathing or using tanning booths. In spite of cautions about the harmful rays of sunlight, or those emitted in the artificial light, some of us still like that “tanned” look. We may disregard cautions in favor of the healthy glow we feel sunbathing or booth tanning gives.

Compare sitting in the natural rays of sunlight with sitting in the light of the Son, Jesus. As we daily come to Him in our prayer time we start to “take on” His light. The pores of our being absorb the rays that come off of Him as we sit in His presence. We start to “take on” more of Him and His light starts to shine on and through us.

I remember a friend of mine had a glow on her face after she had spent a long time in the presence of Jesus following the death of her father. She received comfort and peace. Her countenance reflected the light of Jesus.

Personally I want to reflect His light back to the world. The only way any of us can do this is by being with Him enough to “take on” His presence so that we are glowing with Him.

Let us resolve to be diligent to sit with Him enough so that we get a “Son” bath, absorb His light, and the world around us witnesses that light shining through us.

Pray with me:
Lord, draw me to more time with you so that I can reflect you back to the world. I want you to shine through me.
I want the light of the world, Jesus, to shine on my face. In Jesus name I pray.

© Peggy Park

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