Recently, while on a trip, the shuttle bus driver shared a thought that really impressed me. Obviously he is a strong Christian. He said he has learned not to fear the storms of life that come across his path as he knows there will be a great break through spiritually when the storm passes.

His words caused me to think about a storm in the natural. When the rains pour down upon the earth and there is a torrent of rain it sometimes seems like the storm will never be over. Then eventually the rain does stop and the sun comes out. I just love the smell of the air. It is so fresh as we fill our lungs with deep breaths.

It is the same with the storms of life. They seem to bear down on us while they are raging, but, oh the joy when the storm is over. The fresh look at life and the wonderful free air we breathe are so refreshing.

I am not spiritually mature enough to actually welcome the storms as the bus driver said he can do but I can approach them with a more neutral stance. I do have faith to know the Lord will see me through. I will be able to look back and see how He has used the water to purify me and wash out a little more of the flesh that seems ever ready to have its own way. Following this the atmosphere around me will be much cleaner.

© Peggy Park

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