The story is told of a man who held a heavy bag on his lap throughout a long train ride in a foreign country. Upon disembarking the conductor asked why he had not put it down. The man replied he did not know there was a place to put it. As followers of Jesus Christ Scripture tells us we have a place to put our heavy burdens. We just have to remember to put them down in prayer. I discuss this in the chapter on Surrender in my book Unshackled.

One of the greatest challenges we face in life is laying down our self-will. We may also face having to let go of relationships and our expectations of others. Habits and additions may be the issue with some of us. It is so good to know we have a savior who delights in having our burdens rolled over onto Him. I just read a story of a person in a foreign country who was an alcoholic and wanted to be free. The missionary who was passing through the town prayed with him and told him to call out the name of Jesus every time he wanted to head to the bar for a drink. He was indeed set free as he called aloud on Jesus in his temptation.

© Peggy Park

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