Proclaiming the Armour of God (a tool for peace) by Park Praise Publications

Proclaiming the Armour of God (a tool for peace)

The Lord has given us this tool to protect our thought life. Let us study it and remember to use it…

Renewed Mind by Park Praise Publications

Renewed Mind

We may have spent years letting our emotions rule and letting our mind control instead of the mind of Christ…

Zeal for the Lord by Park Praise Publications

Zeal For the Lord

We, as believers in Christ, have fuel that powers our spirits. It is referred to as zeal in Scripture… our power source is the Holy Spirit…

Lay Your Burden Down by Park Praise Publication

Lay the Burden Down

Matthew 11:30 encourages us to “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”

Sun Stand Still, Audacious Prayer by Park Praise Publications

Sun Stand Still, Audacious Prayers

I was really challenged to ask myself, “Am I praying faith filled, audacious prayers based on God’s Word?”



We may find it difficult to pray for leaders with whom we totally disagree with their conduct, decisions and actions…

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Grandmother's Journal by Peggy Park - Available Now in Paperback Book

Welcome to Park Praise Publications

God has blessed Peggy Park with the ability to take spiritual material and condense it highlighting specific principles of scripture a believer will need for their walk with Christ. This is featured in her Reflections and 20 discipleship brochures. Her brochures are available in various languages and are FREE to download. To learn more about Peggy Park, please visit her biography here.

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