Eyes on Jesus (Part 2) by Park Praise Publications

Eyes On Jesus (Part II)

Jesus, I thank you that you are the light of the world. There is no darkness in you.

Eyes on Jesus (Part 1) by Park Praise Publications

Eyes on Jesus (Part I)

I am finding my trust and faith being built up as I reflect upon and proclaim…

Waiting by Peggy Park


Did you ever wait and wait for an answer to prayer as you claimed a promise out of Scripture? I certainly have…

Checking Our Spiritual Fervor and Purpose by Park Praise Publications

Checking Our Spiritual Fervor and Purpose

Our time on earth is too short to engage in activities that do not… fit in God given talent and God’s purposes for our lives.

God Paints Pictures by Peggy Park

God Paints Pictures

He painted word pictures all throughout Scripture to illustrate and foreshadow spiritual truths, so [we could] grasp them.

Mother's Day by Park Praise Publications

Mother’s Day

I feel a great responsibility to try to have an input into their lives. I enjoy identifying strengths that I hope will develop and try to encourage…

Unshackled by Peggy Park - Available Now in Book and e-Book
Grandmother's Journal by Peggy Park - Available Now in Paperback Book

Welcome to Park Praise Publications

God has blessed Peggy Park with the ability to take spiritual material and condense it highlighting specific principles of scripture a believer will need for their walk with Christ. This is featured in her Reflections and 20 discipleship brochures. Her brochures are available in various languages and are FREE to download. To learn more about Peggy Park, please visit her biography here.

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