Faith (Part 2) How Do We Get Faith? by Park Praise Publications

Faith (Part 2) How Do We Get Faith?

When the word, like seed is sown on good soil, believers will hear the word, accept it and produce a bountiful crop.

Faith (Part 1) by Park Praise Publications

Faith (Part 1)

“Faith is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see.”

Symptoms of Inner Peace by Park Praise Publications

Symptoms of Inner Peace

Amongst the chaos and constant noise of the world, we could all use a moment to learn or strengthen our own inner peace.

Lay Your Burden Down by Park Praise Publications

Lay the Burden Down

Matthew 11:30 encourages us to “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”

Protection for Christians by Park Praise Publications

Protection For Christians

Psalm 144 is a very powerful word for believers in Christ. This is a comforting passage to mediate on and keep in our “spiritual tool box.”

Prayer, A Cushion in Hard Places by Park Praise Publications

Prayer, A Cushion in Hard Places

We would be more uncomfortable were it not for the cushion of prayer and the comfort the Holy Spirit provides.

Unshackled – Screenplay Coming Soon!

Welcome to Park Praise Publications

God has blessed Peggy Park with the ability to take spiritual material and condense it highlighting specific principles of scripture a believer will need for their walk with Christ. This is featured in her Reflections and 20 discipleship brochures. Her brochures are available in various languages and are FREE to download. To learn more about Peggy Park, please visit her biography here.


Rescheduled for Spring 2021
Book Con @ Javits Center, New York, NY
Description: Peggy will be in New York at Book Con to sign copies of her book, Unshackled.

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Forgiving Each Other Brochure by Park Praise Publications

The healing process begins the moment you release the grip of an unforgiving spirit.

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