Thankfulness by Park Praise Publications


How wonderful it is to feel accepted in spite of our faults. It makes us want to serve the one who so completely accepts us…

Nature Reflects God by Park Praise Publications

Nature Reflects God

The leaves are falling, the flowers dry up and shed their beauty, and the grass turns brown. We are stripped of the beauty in nature.

Peace for the Believer by Park Praise Publications

Peace For the Believer

…in the presence of the Prince of Peace, Jesus…He is the one who can help us to refocus and subdue any panic we may take on by what we read or hear.

Armour of God from Park Praise Publications

The Armour of God

…make a declaration of the armor on a daily basis declaring aloud, “Thank you God for the armor You have provided as part of my spiritual protection…”

Walk Into Your Fears by Park Praise Publications

Walk Into Your Fears

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind.” Fear is not from our Father…

Releasing Burdens by Park Praise Publications

Releasing Burdens

When I am tempted to pick up the concern again, I lift up the box and proclaim that He is working on what I have committed to Him.

Unshackled – Screenplay Coming Soon!

Welcome to Park Praise Publications

God has blessed Peggy Park with the ability to take spiritual material and condense it highlighting specific principles of scripture a believer will need for their walk with Christ. This is featured in her Reflections and 20 discipleship brochures. Her brochures are available in various languages and are FREE to download. To learn more about Peggy Park, please visit her biography here.


Rescheduled for Spring 2021
Book Con @ Javits Center, New York, NY
Description: Peggy will be in New York at Book Con to sign copies of her book, Unshackled.

Featured Brochure

Forgiving Each Other Brochure by Park Praise Publications

The healing process begins the moment you release the grip of an unforgiving spirit.

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