Rays of the Son by Park Praise Publications

Rays of The Son

As we daily come to Him in our prayer time we start to “take on” His light. The pores of our being absorb the rays…

Challenges of Relationships by Park Praise Publications

Challenges of Relationships

We must risk relationships, painful though they are at times, as we make ourselves vulnerable to others.

A Perfect Prayer by Park Praise Publications

A Perfect Prayer

Have you included detailed suggestions as to the perfect answer for an urgent prayer need?

Panting after God by Park Praise Publications

Panting After God

The longer I am in this situation, the thirstier I become for Him. Then when I finally break through to His presence…

A Fresh Start by Park Praise Publications

A Fresh Start

Do you get weary when what you think the Lord has called you to do does not work according to your plan?

Mary's Example by Park Praise Publications

Mary’s Example – Willing to bear the Christ Child

What if Mary had told the angel, “No, go find another girl to bear the Christ child”….

Unshackled by Peggy Park - Available Now in Book and e-Book
Grandmother's Journal by Peggy Park - Available Now in Paperback Book

Welcome to Park Praise Publications

God has blessed Peggy Park with the ability to take spiritual material and condense it highlighting specific principles of scripture a believer will need for their walk with Christ. This is featured in her Reflections and 20 discipleship brochures. Her brochures are available in various languages and are FREE to download. To learn more about Peggy Park, please visit her biography here.

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