Praying From Our Place of Victory by Peggy Park

Praying From Our Place of Victory

My prayer partner encouraged me to look up a warfare prayer we had used previously and start to declare it over this situation.

The Way of the Cross Leads Home by Peggy Park

The Way of The Cross Leads Home

“…then I bid farewell to the way of the world… for my Lord says, ‘Come’.”

Jesus' Invitation by Peggy Park

Jesus’ Invitation

“Let us be glad and give him glory! For the marriage of the Lamb has come and His wife has made herself ready.”

Looking for Calvary (Part 3) by Peggy Park

Looking at Calvary 3

Have you ever experienced the complete frustration when your self-will is struggling to have its own way?

Looking for Calvary (Part 2) by Peggy Park

Looking at Calvary 2

He provided peace for us and He can speak peace to our souls in the midst of our storm.

Looking at Calvary (Part 1) by Peggy Park

Looking at Calvary 1

We have heard sermons on the blood, but I personally have not heard teachings on the water symbolism.

Welcome to Park Praise Publications

Peggy Park, Christian author and speaker, was born on a cotton farm in Mississippi. After finishing nursing school and marriage, she moved to Lexington, KY, where her husband George, joined the Lexington Clinic. During this time, Peggy was a full time mom to three children. When her last child started junior high, she returned to nursing at the Markey Cancer Center.

After spending nine years nursing, it came to her attention that there was a great need for concise writings on living out basic Biblical teachings. Peggy left behind her nursing career to pursue spiritial writing, later releasing her first discipleship brochures, along with two books and other numerous articles.

God has blessed Peggy with the ability to take spiritual material and condense it, highlighting specific principles of Scripture a believer will need for their walk in Christ. Peggy is available for booking as an inspirational and motivational Christian speaker.

Our mission is to share the practical application of core Biblical principles and truths in print or speech and to supply ministry resources locally and internationally. An important part of this is providing Bibles to believers in Pakistan and Benin City, Africa.

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