About Peggy Park

Peggy Park and her husband George make their home in Lexington, KY. She left her career as an oncology nurse to seriously pursue writing which resulted in developing 20 discipleship brochures available on this site. Her desire is to share the spiritual truths the Lord has taught her, which has led to writing a book, numerous published articles, as well as preparing herself as a public speaker. Peggy and George have benefited, and drawn from teachers, from numerous denominations, being careful to use Scripture as the final authority.

Peggy was born on a cotton farm in Mississippi. After nursing school and marriage, she moved to Lexington, KY, where her husband George, joined the Lexington Clinic as an internist. Peggy was a full time mom to three children until the last one was in junior high when she returned to nursing for the next nine years at Markey Cancer Center in Lexington, KY.

She became convinced there was a great need for concise, bottom line basic principles of living Biblical principles. This led to leaving nursing to pursue writing, first discipleship brochures and later two books and numerous published articles.

God has blessed Peggy with the ability to take a large amount of spiritual material and condense it, highlighting what the believer needs to know to integrate specific principles of scripture into his/her walk in a practical way. George helps out by making numerous suggestions and carefully fact checking the theology.

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