Peggy Park, a celebrated Christian speaker, tailors her topics to strengthen listeners in this sometimes frightening day in which we live. Peggy has many topics she has addressed, but she can also tailor a message to fit the needs of your group. She welcomes any opportunity to speak on interdenominational themes. She has recently published a Grandmother’s Journal. If you’d like to schedule Peggy Park to speak at your church or event, please contact us. Suggested fee schedule upon request.

Trained through: CLASS (Florence and Marita Littauer) and Speak Up With Confidence (Carol Kent)


Endorsed Ministry Guide Approved Member

NEW Topics Presented Recently:

The Mystery of Prayer Workshop by Peggy Park

The Mystery of Prayer

45 minutes
Explores questions many believers have regarding prayer. Addresses types of answers such as: instant, amazing, no and delayed answers. The Scriptural focus is Revelations 5:8, which reveals there is a golden bowl in heaven that holds prayers. This offers comfort for those who are still waiting, sometimes for years, for answers. Beautiful gold bowl visual.

Psalm 91 Workshop by Peggy Park

Psalm 91

45-60 minutes
This is a teaching that needs to be in every believer’s Spiritual tool kit. It has powerful promises for the perilous days we live in. The passage is full of assurances of God’s protection and care over those who have learned to abide in the secret place. We look at the 7 benefits along with a fun visual of the challenges we face in believing what the Lord has promised.

The Circle of Faith Workshop by Peggy Park

The Circle of Faith

45-60 minutes
Peggy explores the mystery of faith. What is faith? How do we get faith? How do we use faith? A visual, “The Circle of Faith” offers a practical understanding of how faith works in the life of a believer. Concludes with a fun demonstration of how Satan tries to pull us off the Word of Scripture.

Pursuing Peace in a Chaotic World Workshop by Peggy Park

Pursuing Peace in a Chaotic World

45 minutes
Explores ways to hold onto the peace we are promised as believers, when the world is in such turmoil. Explores challenges to our peace and practical ways that Peggy has found to appropriate this peace.

“Peggy is a visionary leader with a strong teaching gift that has the ability to empower believers to live into their God ordained potential. She’s had a key role in several of my Pastoral/Leadership Conferences in both Southern and Northern Africa.

Her workshops are anointed to break the enemy’s attacks that have kept people captive and release them into spiritual, emotional and physical freedom. Her compassion ministries have incited active advocacy for the unreached and those with bible poverty have led to eternal impact in both Africa and Asia.”

Rev. Miles Phelps, Director of City for the Nations, Lexington Leadership Foundation

“Peggy Park is one of the most inspiring speakers I have heard. She infuses her teachings with wisdom, insight, humility and humor. The end result will give you a better understanding of the Lord’s ways and will draw you closer to Him.”

Gail Byers, former president of an Aglow Chapter

“I would like to recommend Peggy Park as a speaker for any Ladies’ Christian program. I have known Peggy for some time and have read her books, The Power of the Lamb’s Blood and Unshackled. Peggy is able to connect with her participants in her program as well as giving a Biblically sound and insightful presentation. She is an anointed woman of God with her love of Jesus and others coming through strongly. Her visual aides are very inspiring.

We were blessed by this woman of God, who shared her walk with the Lord and spoke to our hearts. She drew us closer to our own walk with the Lord because of her faith and kind words and encouragement. I personally anticipate growing closer to God because of this and look forward to any other programs Peggy presents. I highly recommend her as a speaker!”

Sarah Evans, a Jewish Follower of Jesus

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