To everything there is a season” — Ecclesiastes 3:1

Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love to see the beautiful foliage as it turns various shades of red, green and gold, then drops to the ground leaving a barren tree ore bush.

Scripture compares Christians to trees planted by rivers of water. Jesus was kind to provide us with visual examples in nature that we can see and understand His teachings.

As I watch the leaves fall, I am reminded of the need to let then things in my life fall away. This may be habits, a specific ministry, or even intense parenting of our children. Often, we feel barren, when we are stripped of the familiar, but God can not fill a place in our lives that is already full. Sometimes, we have to let things fall away for the new season ahead. It can be difficult, as we may feel like He has set us on a shelf and forgotten us while we are waiting for the new foliage to appear.

Following the stripping, we are to wait for our “tree” to produce again. Beautiful new leaves will eventually appear, fruit will ripen, and we will benefit from the water that has been stored up by the root system. We have been made ready for the next season.

We rejoice when the spring comes and our tree starts to bear again. Hopefully, we have been diligent to keep taking in spiritual nourishment to feed our “tree” so we have a bountiful supply of fruit to pass on to others.

© Peggy Park

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