The Power of the Lamb’s Blood

Published: 2004 || Format: Book and eBook || Page Count: 126 || ISBN: 1-57921-728-1

One of the greatest mysteries of the Christian faith is the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus and its vital role in our salvation. Now through this in-depth study on the blood of The Lamb, we discover just how deep the blood flows and how it affects every area of our lives. Limited Book Copies Available — Buy Your Copy Now While Supplies Last!!


“Unparalleled. Beyond must read. Every believer should want to read this. There has never before been such an in-depth study of the Blood of the Lamb –a previously untapped, underestimated topic.”

Dudley C. Rutherford, Senior Pastor

“Peggy Park reminds us that the blood is a mighty force of protection as the believer declares his faith in the blood of Jesus.”

Kay Frost, Women’s Ministry

“Powerful words to describe a powerful subject. Peggy Park weaves together the imagery of the Old Covenant with the spiritual truths of the New.”

Rev. Tommy Hays, Messiah Ministries


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