Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” — Romans 8:37

I love the praise, worship, loving the Lord part of my daily time with Him. I admit I have never really gotten as centered in the warfare part of my quiet time.

Recently, out of nowhere, my husband was struggling with a flapping/ extra heartbeat ringing in his ear. After a middle of the night trip to the E.R., with no results, he went to the Dr. the next day to be told it was a hair on his ear drum. This was removed, but still the affliction continued. It was very distressing and constant for a number of days in spite of trips back to the doctor to try to get some relief. To make it even worse, and more mystifying, the beat did not correspond to his heartbeat.

My prayer partner encouraged me to look up a warfare prayer we had used previously and start to declare it over this situation. In three days of speaking aloud the powerful truths of Scripture twice a day, the ringing stopped and it has not returned over many days. I believe the Lord wanted to remind me we have an enemy who wants to see us rendered helpless. That enemy, Satan, was defeated at the cross, but he hopes we do not know that.  We have to stand up and claim the victory that was won for us. Now, I have been reminded of the benefit of that type of declaration in addition to my “love feast” with the Lord on a daily basis.

We are living in perilous times. We have an enemy who wants to render us powerless. I am thankful for this reminder that I have the sword of the spirit, I just have to use it. Scripture repels Satan. Jesus gave us the perfect pattern in the wilderness as He spoke the word back to Satan.

I am thankful for showing me this truth in a way that really impressed me. I pray I will continue to enforce the victory you won at the cross by speaking your promises aloud that address the situation I am facing.

© Peggy Park

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