We have a tendency to glamorize the story of Jesus’ birth with shiny decorations, gold garlands and other festive objects that certainly were not present in the place where Jesus was born. I am not criticizing this, but I am thinking of Mary’s willingness to birth our Savior and the hardships she must have faced. My last child weighed 9lb 5oz. I cannot imagine traveling miles on a donkey and delivering her in a manger without all the modern conveniences with cattle looking on. I am in no way sainting Mary, but I am admiring her submission and her statement “Be it unto me as you say.” Luke 1:36.

When I face a hard thing I think of her willingness to embrace all that was required of her and it becomes an inspiration to be willing to embrace hard things that come my way. The challenges to me and you are not anywhere near what Mary faced.

Embracing whatever the Lord sends our way is a great way to celebrate the fact that we have a Savior.

© Peggy Park

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