“O sun, stand still at Gibeon. O moon, stand still in the valley of Aijalon”
— Joshua 10:12b

The Lord promised Joshua that He would deliver his enemies into his hands, and not one of them would be able to withstand him (Joshua 10:8). As the sun was setting, the battle had gone well with the Amorites starting to flee into the valley, but the victory was not complete. Joshua knew that the enemy would slip away at night. He wanted total victory. Joshua remembered God’s word to him. He spoke out a very bold, completely unscientific request. He had the audacity to ask God to make the sun stop. That is exactly what God did. “The sun stood still, And the moon stopped, Until the people had revenge upon their enemies.” (Joshua 10:13a).

Reading the book, Sun, Stand Still by Steven Furtick, I was really challenged to ask myself, “Am I praying faith filled, audacious prayers based on God’s word?” I know I must have Scriptural promises to back up those prayers. I know there are many promises I have failed to appropriate. I am inspired by this account of a bold, audacious prayer in line with a promise God made to Joshua. This has challenged me to search out promises for my specific needs and pray bolder prayers. As I have struggled with delays in answers to prayers I noticed that I had not been bold. I revolve to send those audacious prayers up (in line with God’s promises) and see answers that will defy logic.

© Peggy Park

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