“He will carry the lambs in His arms, holding them close to His heart.”
— Isaiah 40:11b

We have finished celebrating the start of a new year and now the time is approaching for getting our income tax information together. Again, the temptation is to be busy, busy, busy. It’s easy to get agitated and fretful. Life seems to be full of what I call maintenance.

Recently, the Lord taught me, as I was caring for my granddaughter. I gave her a bottle, yet she did not follow her usual pattern of going to sleep after taking warm milk. As she grew tired, she became fretful and whiny. Putting her in her bed was not an option, as she then does not go to sleep. In fact, she throws a fit, if I try this. I think she has it in her head that she is to just have fun at Grandmom’s house.

As she became more agitated, I took her up in my arms, put her little head on my chest, covered her up so she would be warm, and so she would have no visual stimuli. I started to rock her, she struggled and squirmed around some, and them let out a peaceful sigh and was off to sleep resting in my arms.

This reminded me of the struggle I sometimes have in letting go of fretful thoughts and the burdens of the moment. As I agitate (yes, I know we are not to do this) I get more anxious and tired. Then, when I finally wear myself out, quiet myself, and relax in His arms (presence). I find that peace which He promises. I find I am resting in His arms. How good that feels. There I am enjoying that peace that is our portion as children of God. The cares of life recede and I am energized for the tasks I have to do.

Lord, help me to remember to come often to that place of rest in You where the cares of life drift away as I experience the peace You have promised. Help me to be like a little child resting in the arms of a parent/grandparent. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen

© Peggy Park

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