“Blessed be the Lord, my Rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle – My loving kindness and my fortress, My high tower and my deliverer, My shield and the One in whom I take refuge. Who subdues my people under me.” Psalm 144: 1-3 MKJ

Psalm 144 is a very powerful word for believers in Christ. First we are assured the Lord is our rock. A rock indicates a strong support under us. We can count on that foundation in the storms of life. Then we are assured of His loving kindness as He oversees our lives. He is our fortress. I picture this as protection all around us. He is our deliverer. We often need deliverance from the ravages of our enemy, Satan. I love to think of the high tower and picture it at the top of a tall ladder where we can run and take refuge when the trials of life are too great. The shield is closer to us physically than the fortress. I think of the fortress as around my house where as the shield is around me personally. This is a comforting passage to mediate on and keep in our “spiritual tool box.”

© Peggy Park

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