Recently in praying over a very troublesome situation, the Armour of God came across my mind. A Sunday school teacher once told me she puts on the armour daily. At the time, I wondered why because I do not take it off as I do my physical clothes. Now, I realize it can get crooked and neglected.

It has helped me to visualize and pray it aloud as I deal with this ongoing situation.

Ephesians 6:10-18 gives us the picture which was birthed in Paul as he observed the Roman soldiers during his imprisonment. If you have not thought of this in a while, I encourage you to avail yourself of this spiritual tool.

The Belt of Truth is described as a type of girdle hanging from a belt which encompassed the hip area. It was loose and had to be secured at the waist. The Roman legionary would tuck the skirt up
between his legs and into the belt to allow free movement in battle. We too are to wrapped about with truth being sure we are studying, believing, and holding fast to the truth as revealed in God’s

The Breast Plate of Righteousness guards our heart and is held in place by the girdle. The heart is the seat of our emotions which can run away with us when looking at a difficult situation. Jesus is our righteousness.

Gospel of Peace A walk of peace deflects many attacks, as well as models peace and invites others into this pool of peace. We have the peace of God during the storms of life. We just have to
remember to avail ourselves of it.

The Shield of Faith The Roman’s soldier’s shield was wrapped with strips of leather and soaked in water just before battle to help extinguish the flaming arrows shot at the soldiers. We must keep
our shields soaked with the water of the word of God. When our shield is in place God is our defender through faith in His word.

The Helmet of Salvation is strapped firmly in place and has pieces that guard our eyes and ears. We take our thoughts captive. (11 Corinthians 10:4-5)

The Sword of the Spirit is using God’s specific truth for each unique battle. It is our offensive weapon. It is the proclaimed word of God from the believer’s mouth.

The Roman soldiers sword hung on his belt ready for use. Our sword hangs on our belt of truth ready to become a flaming sword in our mouth as we declare the truth of God’s word to our enemy, Satan.

If a physical enemy was coming at us, we would use anything at hand to protect ourselves. The Lord has given us this tool to protect our thought life. Let us study it and remember to use it when Satan comes at us with defeating thoughts and imaginations.

Be firmly dressed for battle Stand firm!

© Peggy Park

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