I have thought and thought of something to write about Christmas that has not been said over and over. I came up with inviting you the reader to look at hard things the Lord may ask you to do. What if Mary had told the angel, “NO” go find another girl to bear the Christ child. There was no record that Mary hesitated. Surely she knew she would be talked about and judged as a loose girl. Just picture her jostling along on the camel on the way to Bethlehem not to mention the primitive conditions under which she birthed Jesus.

What hard thing has the Lord asked you to do? How did you respond? Recently for me it was forgiving someone (a Christian in a leadership role) who has cut me down with cruel remarks in an area in which I am very sensitive. I struggled with this sin (attitude) in prayer over and over as I don’t want anything to block the Lord’s presence and blessings. It was a struggle but finally I was able to release it and my record book in heaven shows that. It was so freeing.

I encourage each of you to respond to any hard thing with a “Yes, Lord, I will do it.” It is so freeing when you take on the hard thing.

© Peggy Park

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