I have thought and thought of something to write about that has not been said about Christmas. I came up with inviting you, the reader, to look at hard things the Lord may ask you to do.

What if Mary had told the angel, “NO, go find another girl to bear the Christ child.” There was no record Mary hesitated. Surely, she knew she would be talked about and judged as a loose girl not to mention the primitive condition under which she birthed Jesus. Just picture her jostling along on the camel on the way to Bethlehem.

No mother or experienced woman to help with the birth and a barn no less in place of the sterile environment available to most modern women today.

What hard thing has the Lord asked you to do? How did you respond?

For me, one was forgiving someone (a Christian in a leadership role) who cut me down in a sensitive area of ministry. I struggled with this sin (attitude) in prayer over and over as I knew it was blocking the Lord’s presence and blessings in my life. After a struggle, I was finally able to release it and forgive the person. They were never aware of the struggle.

I encourage you to respond to any hard thing the Lord asks you do. “Yes, Lord, I will obey.” It can be any number of things in place of mine of forgiving someone.It may be a ministry assignment that you hold back feeling unsure or inadequate to do.

Mary certainly was facing the unknown of child birth in less than ideal conditions. She modeled a submission to the Father’s will which opened the door to salvation for all of us who followed. I encourage you to model her submission to the hard thing you may be called to do.

© Peggy Park

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