The fountain flows continually as long as the power is not shut off or disconnected. This happens when we take matters into our own hands and refuse to surrender them to the Lord.

Have you ever experienced the complete frustration when your self-will is struggling to have its own way? You know you have to yield if you are to stay in fellowship with the Lord, but the strong self is trying to pull the Lord over to our way of handling a situation.

It is as if we are saying, “Lord let’s do it my way.” We have to make the decision as the challenges arise not to let our self will rule. There is such victory when we finally let go of the struggle and let the power flow again.

It is strengthening to reflect on what was really accomplished at the cross in what the church world calls Easter. Salvation was made possible for any man, woman or child who would accept Jesus’ sacrifice of His blood to remove their sins. It is a mystery that none of us can fully understand.

We have the Passover story (Exodus 12) to demonstrate the fact that God chose blood as the means by which deliverance for individuals, as well as families, was established. In the Passover event, the blood of a perfect lamb was put on the door posts of the dwellings of the children of Israel to ensure that the death angel passed over the house. This was a picture of the salvation provided centuries later by the unblemished, spotless perfect Lamb of God, Jesus. By faith, His blood has to be applied to our hearts to ensure our salvation.

What a wonderful gift He made available to all mankind who would accept His sacrifice!

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