“Bear each other’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”
— Galatians 6:2 (NKJV)

Have you ever had someone ask you to remember them in prayer and weeks later you saw them and were embarrassed that you had forgotten the request? You had not approached the throne of God on their behalf. A wise lady suggested to me that I ask to pray on the spot for the need with the words, “Can we pray now?”

We may be thinking what will those around us think? I am too timid to do this out in public. Will the person making the request think I view myself as a “super spiritual” person if I offer to pray with them?

I use to be a “sit down”, in a private worshipful atmosphere to pray one-on-one with another person for their need. I still like this approach, but God is not limited to my preferences. We are living in very critical times. It seems more and more people are being hit with challenging situations. Requests for prayer seem to be increasing.

We need the boldness to just say, Let’s pray now?” We can pull aside in the market place and pray over the need with the person. In addition to meeting the person’s need for intercession it is a witness to anyone who may see you doing this.

One day while getting my hair cut the stylist was very upset over his eye problem which had just manifested the day before. The Dr. had told him if it did not clear up he would have to have surgery for the stopped up lymph duct. As I stood up to leave I said, “May I pray for your eye now?”  He consented and I reached out, put my hand on his eye, and prayed a short prayer asking the Lord to open the duct. I requested this as a sign of His power to this young man who professed to being a Christian. John hugged me and thanked me. The next time I went it he reported that his eye was clear when he woke up the morning after we prayed. This has opened up further witnessing and spiritual conversation to John.

God is waiting to manifest himself and His power in our world. I am not suggesting every request will have such a dramatic, immediate answer, but we can be assured that once offered our prayers are before the throne. Let us determine to be alert to the nudges of the Holy Spirit within us as well as the requests others make and be quick to say, “Let’s pray now?”

Lord, help me to be bold for you in the marketplace or wherever I find someone who presents a need. In the name of Jesus,

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