“Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it spring the issues of life.”
— Proverbs 4:23

Many of us have had an EKG (electrocardiogram) of our heart.  It measures our physical heart beat.  A healthy heart should have regular ups and downs on the graph as the heart beat is recorded. An unhealthy EKG shows lines that are erratic and indicates a problem.  A diagnosis can then be made as to the condition of the heart.

Have you ever thought that each of us has a spiritual heart? Unlike our physical heart, which we certainly want to be alive and full of life, a healthy spiritual heart should be dead, that is dead to self. If the life of Jesus is ruling our spiritual hearts we do not react to life situations with fear, anxiety and a sense of impending doom. There is no line of ups and downs but a steady flow of His life ruling our spiritual hearts.

Recently I learned a lesson in this very thing. I had a ministry board meeting involving seven other people, one of whom was not present. We set a date for an event we would all be involved in and then there was a mix up the next morning regarding the date.  I was trying to be considerate of everyone, and I got very anxious trying to straighten it out.  In fact I used my usual devotion time to send emails back and forth until we got it cleared up.

Just the week before I had experienced a 90 to 95 % healing of terrible pain in my knees that had been diagnosed as the dreaded arthritis.  The ministers praying for me had called out a spirit of arthritis and commanded specific healing in my bones, muscles, tendons, tissues, and whatever else has to do with a healthy, pain-free walk.

Art Mathias Book, In His Own Image, We are wonderfully Made, deals in root causes of diseases, and states that self hatred, anger, fear, and anxiety can all open the door to arthritis.  I checked my spiritual heart and found there was no anger, no self hatred, no fear, but I had allowed myself to get very anxious as I tried to work out the perceived problem. I believe in my case this opened the door for the pain to come back in.  I have repented, been prayed for again, and am standing in faith that this is dealt with.

For any arthritis sufferers do not take this as a blanket statement for you. I am not saying your pain is caused by Satan.

Let us all check our spiritual heart to see if it is dead to self, settled in Him and not bounced up and down by the challenges that come our way.

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