I love the quote, “With divine fingers, God shapes every person in the womb into an image and form like His own. Each precisely etched embryo is a person, whom God has laid out for his own use from eternity past. Each of us has been known and loved, since the beginning of time, even before the world was made,”  by Calvin Miller.

Learning to appreciate and embrace our unique identity is difficult for some of us. I have compared this struggle to putting labels on ourselves (compared to post it notes) as we try out various roles and talents to see what fits and what we are good at.

In the book, Unshackled, I have given tips for discovering your true identity. I have emphasized that there are no “super stars.” The important thing is to learn how you were uniquely created and embrace those talents and roles.

There is no insignificant place of service. The most humble task may have a profound influence in someone’s life. Jesus said that even a cup of water given in His name is the same as serving him.

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