There are hindrances to intimacy with the Lord and I have identified seven in my book Unshackled. When we are feeling “disconnected”, we can check ourselves to see where the problem may lie. Some are listed for your consideration.

  1. Not knowing how we were designed and what our unique gifts are
  2. Not taking authority over ungodly or tormenting thoughts
  3. Taking offense
  4. Unforgiveness
  5. Not being careful of the words we speak
  6. Unhealthy dependence on friends
  7. Not surrendering our burdens

These offer an easy way to help us discern where the blockage may be.

It is so satisfying when we are connected to our Savior as we come to Him each day in our prayer time to take note of the hindrances so we can break through to His presence.

Of course he does not leave us once we have accepted Him as Lord and Savior, but the dry times should motivate us to look carefully to see if there is a blockage.

© Peggy Park

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