Do you struggle with people who just tick you off big time? Are you constantly having to deal with feelings of being ignored, misunderstood, or insulted? What others say and do may keep you in a state of agitation and unrest. To live as free men and women it is crucial to learn to guard against taking offense.

I try to remember that others have their own set of wounds and immaturity. This helps me extend mercy to them in challenging situations so I don’t let offenses take root. We are all “walking wounded” in some area of our lives.

Frances Frangipane states, “the destiny God has for man unfolds or dies at the junction of offense. ”It is like seeing a chain ready to wrap around us and we duck to avoid it. The same principle applies to our spirit when we do not allow an offense to take root. It becomes easier and easier to just, “let it go.” It allows us to walk free and remove that hindrance to our walk with our heavenly Father.

© Peggy Park

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