My insight this month has to do with the fall foliage. It is my favorite time of the year, although I know winter is coming with shut-in, lonely days of bad weather. The trees in my yard are very beautiful with orange and yellow colors. The leaves are starting to drop and will require clean up.

This reminds me of things in my life that need to drop off – to be cleaned up. This is a picture in the natural which is similar to the pruning we sometimes go through. Let us be attentive to anything the Lord shows us that needs to drop off of our lives. John 15: 1-2 talks about the pruning we go through to bear more fruit. We have this picture in the natural with the fall foliage dropping off as we can anticipate the beauty that will come forth in the spring. Our lives will see new growth after the season of pruning just as the tree will come forth in beauty in the spring after the season where the leaves drop.

© Peggy Park

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