As Mother’s Day approaches, most of us are drawn to thoughts of our mothers. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” Matthew 5:8 fits my own mother.

T.W. Hunt’s workbook, The Mind of Christ, helped me to better understand Matthew 5:3-12 known as the beatitudes. Number 8 is the one that is the most inviting to me.

As I think of my own mother, she had a difficult childhood in that her mother died when she was 13. She and her sister had to spend summers with an aunt as their father had to work. They were not made welcome. She was very humble, let my steam roller father run all over her and was the soul of kindness to us as children. I was on a mission trip out of the country, when she died unexpectedly at 94, so I missed her funeral.

When we are pure in heart, we are unblemished, unstained, and wholesome spiritually. This can only be achieved by allowing the Holy Spirit to cleanse us of the contamination that is an ever present threat to those of us seeking to follow Christ.

It is very motivating to let the Lord strip us of the things that keep us from a greater revelation of Him, when we really face the fact that He has promised that we will “see” Him when we are pure in heart.

My mother has been in heaven many years now and I know she has seen His face. I honor her memory.

© Peggy Park

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