A few years ago, I was in a shopping area and my car would not start. Fortunately, there was one of those rare to find service stations. The mechanic came over and declared, “Lady, you are out of gas. You have no power source.”

We, as believers have fuel that powers our spirits. It is referred to as zeal in the Bible.

Numbers 25:10-13, records that Phineas, the grandson of Aaron, the priest, had a zeal for the Lord. The wrath of God did not come down on the children because he was zealous for his God. He and His descendants received a covenant of peace. His spiritual tank was full of zeal.

There are steps we can take to be sure our spiritual tank is not empty and powerless, when we have a chance to speak a word for the Lord or when we face the multitude of challenges that arise in our lives?

  • Praise and worship Him.
  • Calm our fears.
  • Make a priority of spending time with Him daily both in prayer and studying His word.
  • Sit under anointed teaching.
  • Have a trusted prayer partner or spiritually mature person who will hold us to Godly attitudes and behavior.
  • Following these steps we will have fuel in our spiritual tanks so we are prepared to seize every opportunity to speak for Him.

© Peggy Park

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