As Easter approaches I thought it appropriate to write about communion.

I Corinthians 11:23-31 shares the first account of what the church refers to as communion or in some denominations called the Holy Eucharist.

In some way we can enjoy a deep fellowship with our Savior through a thoughtful observance of the communion service.

The Lord Jesus desires to meet with believers in the communion service. Here we experience a union of our spirits with the Holy Spirit as we reflect, with awe and reverence, remembering what Jesus’ sacrifice secured for the believer as He hung on the cross.

Three statements that help me better understand that what we are doing are:

  1. Remember covenant
  2. Celebrate covenant
  3. Draw on covenant

We remember the provision of the covenant sealed in the perfect blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus. We can read of the provisions in Isaiah 53:4-5. We celebrate that covenant through partaking of the bread and cup which represent His body and blood. Then we draw on covenant by proclaiming aloud what His blood sacrifice secured for us.

Indeed we are a blessed people to have this beautiful visible reminder of what Jesus provided for all who come to Him.

© Peggy Park

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