Philippians 2:5 “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.”

The Christ follower often knows what his /her thinking and action should be in situations. The challenge lies in choosing to operate out of that instead of our natural minds. We may have spent years letting our emotions rule and letting our mind control instead of the mind of Christ. Our minds are sometimes full of self interest and justification of our wrong attitudes towards others. Unforgiveness, taking offense, and hash judgmental attitudes have been a challenge for me at times. Just this week I had a struggle in prayer over a situation and finally yielded it to the mind of Christ and saw the situation turned around as I surrendered my self interest.

I think of it like two minds in one head. Our natural minds, sometimes full of ungodly attitudes, usually wanting what we want or the mind of Christ that is full of His grace, mercy, love, and kindness. We can chose which one we will allow to control our activities. This picture of two minds has helped me to clearly see where the challenge is and motivates me to chose His way.

I can attest to the joy that floods my being when I stare my self-will in the face and chose Godly reaction over an ungodly reaction.

© Peggy Park

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