Recently, I was feeling “disconnected” to the Lord and somewhat dry. Most of us as believers have been in this state at some point.

I had not been able to “break” through to that feeling of in intimacy with Him that I so enjoy when it is present. I went out on my back porch, got comfortable on the settee and just started praising. I lay all my striving to get into His presence aside and just started loving and praising Him. I focused on how powerful and magnificent He is and expressed how much I love Him.

At times, I looked a the leaves of a tree as they swayed in the wind. I took in the beauty of the luminous blue clouds and the green foliage in the yard. As I focused on the creation this led me to the creator of all this beauty. I started to relax. All the strain of trying to “reach” Him just faded away as I praised Him. Peace just washed over me as I expressed my gratitude to Him for His wonderful works in nature.

The next time you feel spiritually dry I encourage you to lay your concerns aside and start to praise Him. You will change your focus from your need to the magnificent, all-powerful, mighty God.

© Peggy Park

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