When Mary was approached by the angel telling her she was to be the mother of the messiah, there was no record that she hesitated. Surely, she knew she would be talked about and judged as a loose woman. She could have said “No” but she answered with:

“Be it unto me as you say.”
— Luke 1:38

The lesson I want us to consider is “What hard thing has the Lord asked you to do? How did you respond?

For me, it was forgiving someone, who had cut me down over and over with cruel remarks (this person is a Christian in leadership). I have been dealing with arthritis in my knees. An anointed pastor told me he had sometimes found arthritis to be related to unforgiving. I went to the Lord with this, as I do not want anything to block the Lord’s blessings. (Be sure you do not think I am implying that this applies to everyone dealing with arthritis.) In my case, I am free (after repenting) and now all the treatments I have sought will not be hindered by my disregarding one of the principles the Lord has given us.

I encourage each of you to respond to any hard thing with a “Yes, Lord, I will do that.” It could be a witnessing situation, it could be offering to pray for someone out in public who looks troubled, stopping to serve someone when you have your own agenda or any number of situations.


Photo Credit: The Annunciation by John Scott

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