Autumn is a good time to look at our spiritual journey (history) over the years and to see if we have allowed little foxes to spoil the vine (Song of Solomon 2:15).

Recently the Lord has prompted me to look back over my life and see who I may have offended, who I may have held a grudge against or the tendency I had to just “write a person off my list” if we were not in agreement. This has involved clearing the air with some by apologizing if I could have offended them. With others I just had to correct my attitude. I certainly don’t want to stand before the Lord with any of my immature actions from the past still on my record because I have not cleared them up with the person involved.

Some may not be available to us due to the years that have passed, distance or sometimes the death of the person involved. Nevertheless we can repent before the Lord if we can not find the individual.

We are all in the process of being refined as we walk the Christian path but taking an inventory of our past helps us to learn from and correct our immature and sinful actions. Then we can to guard against repeating them. It feels so good to walk without offenses clouding our conscience. Let us determine to make sure our spiritual history and present actions reflect Godly attitudes and behaviors.

© Peggy Park

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