We have just observed the holiday known as Easter, so it is fitting to continue my thoughts on passion for the Lord.

Previously, I wrote about two ways to increase our passion for the Lord. Now, I want to address the importance of knowing how He gifted us to fit into His body on earth.

We can find out through taking the spiritual gift tests found online or sometimes available through churches. In addition, our close friends may point out strengths we did not know we had. We also have the witness of the Holy Spirit within us who will confirm what He has designed us to do, as we take note of what makes us feel fulfilled. I compare it to finding a pair of leather gloves that fit after digging through a stack of them in the department store. Finally we come up with, “it fits.” We feel fulfilled, and we are at peace when we are ministering in our gifts. Sometimes He may stretch us and call us out into areas where we are not comfortable, but if we persist we will find areas of ministry that are our calling and do fit. There is no need to compete or compare ourselves to others which is a human tendency especially among women. We are only responsible for what He has put within us. Let us discern where He wants us to minister remembering that there are no “super stars.” Some ministries may not be very visible (such as visiting shut-ins), but they are just as important as other more visible, out-front ministries.

© Peggy Park

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