Recently, I have been contemplating ways to feel more “connected” with the Lord. In doing so, I have revisited the concept I wrote about in a brochure entitled, Loving Jesus, which is available on my website. It lists some attributes of Jesus, the son which are unique to those of God, the Father. I encourage speaking aloud and thanking Jesus for specific attributes. We all like to hear our names spoken, and I think Jesus must like this too. For example: “Jesus, I thank you that you are the bright and morning Star.”

We find our love and appreciation for Him growing as we focus and verbalize His special attributes one at a time. I encourage you to try this giving it a few weeks as it will be rote to begin with but then connection will come if you preserve.

Many of us have found in our earthly relationships that intimacy builds as we compliment our loved ones and focus on their unique attributes.

© Peggy Park

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