Some time ago I was struggling with pain in one knee. Then the second knee decided to hurt. Sometimes on a shopping trip one of my knees would buckle and I would have to hold on to the shopping cart to keep from falling.

This affliction caused me to consider how important it is to have a firm foundation. This lead me to compare the physical foundation of my legs with the firm foundation we have in Jesus. That foundation is built up by time with Him and in His word. If we do not have this firm spiritual foundation we will limp along in our daily lives trying to cope with pain of various sorts.

My bout with weak knees taught me how important it is to have a firm, healthy foundation to support our physical walk. Likewise we need a firm foundation spiritually to support our walk with the Lord.

I have since had knee surgery and have a firm physical foundation to go with a strong spiritual foundation.

© 2019 Peggy Park

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