“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” — Philippians 4:6

Perhaps you never struggle with releasing situations, but I have and I do. Even though I have seen tremendous answers to prayer, at times I feel the Lord has forgotten where I live. I pray and pray and still can not let go and wait when the answer does not come on my time frame.

I have two practical ways to help me do this. I have a red, heart shaped little plastic box which I bought at a craft store. After I have prayed and prayed over a situation and have reached a point of surrendering it to the Lord, I write the need on a piece of paper, date it and put it in the box. This reminds me that the need is covered by the blood (red symbolic of the blood) and the need is in God’s heart of love.

When I am tempted to pick up the concern again I lift up the box and proclaim that He is working on what I have committed to Him. I do not allow myself to go over all the details again or to get anxious.

The second technique I have used is to write the need on a helium balloon with the string wrapped around a brick. When I have prayed the situation through to a point of release (may take many prayer sessions) I hold the brick out in front of me. When it becomes too heavy to hold, the brick drops, the string is released, and off goes the balloon. I have a visual reminder that I have released the need to God as the balloon soars out of sight. I can point to this moment when Satan tries to get me to take the concern back, which as you well know, he will try to do.

Many of you reading this may have matured beyond this point.

Prayer: Lord, I thank You that You expressed Your heart of love by making a blood sacrifice for mankind through Your Son, Jesus. I thank You that You provided a way for us to release out concerns to You and in fact told us not to be anxious about anything. Help us to walk this out. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

© Peggy Park

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