Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. — Matthew 5:8

T.W. Hunt’s workbook, The Mind of Christ, helped me to better understand Matthew 5:3-12 known as the beatitudes. Number 8 is the one that is the most inviting to me.

When we are pure in heart, we are unblemished, unstained, and wholesome spiritually. This can only be achieved by allowing the Holy Spirit to cleanse us of the contamination that is an ever present threat to those of us seeking to follow God.

Some of the impurities that seek to take hold of us present as taking offense with others, unforgiveness, harsh judgments and not controlling the words that come out of our mouths. If we are honest with ourselves, each of us is usually well aware of our own challenges.

It is very motivating to let the Lord strip us of the things that keep us from a greater revelation of Him when we really face the fact that He has promised that we will “see” Him when we are pure in heart.

It is a challenge to let go of the issues keeping His face hidden from us but well worth any struggle we may encounter in order to know Him better.

© Peggy Park

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